Here at Haven we pride ourselves on providing suitable accommodation for people with support needs and assistance in resettlement and rehabilitation. We use a range of tools including strategic training and education, enabling individuals to move on to appropriate long term housing.

Haven was established in 1977 as an initiative by the Probation Service to provide accommodation for ex-offenders on their release from prison.
The aim was to provide housing, support and training, in an effort to break the cycle of homelessness, unemployment and re-offending. Although Haven continues to work closely with the Probation Service and its clients, this is now less than 40% of its work.

Through the development of the Supporting People programme in 2003, and in partnership with Gateshead and Newcastle Local Authorities, Haven now provides 71 bed spaces for people with an array of support needs.

We provide support and advice for all our Service Users and link up with other professionals such as probation officers, social workers, GPs, CPN and employments advisors.

In January 2016 Haven undertook a recruitment program which resulted in a largely new Board being appointed, to continue to ensure the organisation has the relevant skills and experiences necessary in an ever changing environment.

The organisation also underwent further change and modernisation, when it moved to new premises in Regent Terrace, Gateshead, around September 2018, which coincided with official celebrations to mark its formal 40th Birthday (having commenced in 1977, but it’s official formation year being in 1978).
New office opening - unveiling
Mrs Susan Winfield unveils our new plaque

Haven is therefore well-placed to face the challenges ahead, but also secure new opportunities that may arise, in continuing to achieve it’s founding aims of “providing specialist housing, support and training, in an effort to break the cycle of homelessness, unemployment and re-offending”.

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